Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Last September, I broke my foot and was restricted to a cast for eight weeks. During that time, one of my Mom’s precious friends encouraged me to “live each day to the fullest” and said, “Stephanie, even though you are laid low, your spirit can be up!” She proceeded to tell me about Nick Vujicic {http://lifewithoutlimbs.org} and encouraged me to watch his videos online. I did, and my mouth fell open. I was speechless. Here was a man who was born with no arms or legs, but is a worldwide traveler and motivational speaker with the sole intent of sharing his testimony and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This man, despite his disabilities, has proven that with God, all things are possible! His joy and smile radiate the beautiful truth that the Lord can use anyone if they have a willing heart!
After I watched the videos in amazement, my brother Alan said, “Stephanie, you should make a documentary about Nick!” I was inspired. I wrote up a film synopsis and presented it to the Dallas Christian Filmmakers {http://dallaschristianfilmmakers.org} at our September meeting. As I read Nick’s story aloud to my fellow members, I started crying – the impact of Nick’s life truly affected me. At the time, I had been walking through some difficult, faith-shaking, and heart-wrenching days and Nick’s joy and hope helped me realize that God does have a destiny for each of His children no matter what circumstances are thrown at them. By God’s great grace, my proposal was accepted and my documentary was made our 2008 film project and I became the director!
My vision and goal for this project is to reach my generation to the core. Addressing what really matters, that the measure of an individual should go beyond the surface of one’s own skin. I have witnessed a spirit of lethargy and entitlement among those in my generation; too often I’ve seen a lack of passion, clarity of vision and hope for a greater purpose in life. I want this especially to be a battle-cry for the young men of this world, nation and day to be the men of God that the Father is crying out for them to be. To realize that the measure of a man is not how tall he stands, how wealthy he is or how intelligent he is….it goes down to the heart, it’s what’s inside a man that really matters.
A month later, I spoke with Nick face-to-face in San Antonio. As we sat backstage, I told him about my desire to create a documentary about his life and ministry. Nick said and still says that he completely believes that this project is God-ordained and he is totally onboard! In fact, just this last month, a team and I traveled to Houston to obtain our first amount of footage of him for our documentary. It was an amazing time! But that was only the beginning, and we are now making plans for our next steps to accomplish our goal – to finish this film (which is entitled, “The Measure of a Man”) by next January for the 2009 San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival {http://independentchristianfilms.com}.

My remarkable film crew and I have planned our next step: we are scheduled to meet Nick in California during the last week of this March to film the majority of “The Measure of a Man”. However, we can’t do any of this without your help. We are seeking your support in two ways:

(1) Your prayers.
Please pray: 1) that we will have safe travels, 2) that God will receive glory in everything we do, think, and say and 3) that the Lord will use this film to impact lives for His Kingdom.

(2) Financial support.
Asking for help in this area is very difficult for me. However, on behalf of my team and this project, I humbly ask you (if the Lord leads you) to partner with us in achieving our financial goals for “The Measure of a Man”. Our balance that we need to raise is $13,000 and we need $10,000 of this by the end of March, and $2,000 by the first week in March. Checks will need to be made out to Heritage Family Church with the memo line being: The Nick Project. Online donations will be made available by Feb. 24th. {www.heritagefamilychurch.org}Checks need to be made out to: Heritage Family Church P.O. Box 398 Roanoke, TX 76262 C/O The Nick Project

For updates about “The Measure of a Man”, please visit http://downpourproductions.blogspot.com/.

Thank you so much!

Many Blessings,
Stephanie Carrillo

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