Thursday, March 19, 2009

Opportunities for "The Measure of a Man"

Hey All! I wanted to let you know that the trailer is now complete and has been posted on the website. It's short but I wanted just enough information conveyed to tweak people's interest so that they would want to see the rest of the story.

The Lord has been blowing me away with such amazing opportunities for "The Measure of a Man.” I’ve been loving the ability to give DVD’s away when I feel led to do so, whether that be the post man, bank teller, lady in a bar…etc. The Lord longs for us to share what He has been doing in our lives for the Kingdom! I pray that we would continue to reflect Christ’s love by being mirrors of His righteousness to a lost and dying world in need of everlasting salvation.

The MOAM has been accepted into the Projecting Hope Christian Film Festival which will take place this September. They are expecting 9,000 people to attend this year! Praise the Lord!

Today, I was interviewed on the "God at Work" program on Moody Radio which is located in Ohio. It was such a neat experience! My interview will be airing live this Monday, March 23rd at 1pm (Central Time). Audio clips will be put on the website once I receive a copy of the interview.

I'm in the process of being interviewed for a spotlight article for Home school Alumni. Please pray that the Lord would give me the words!

If you are interested in screening “The Measure of a Man” in your church or your church’s youth group. Please contact me at: I would love to touch base with you and join with you in advancing His Kingdom for His ultimate glory!


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Available for Purchase!!!!

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to let you know that "The Measure of a Man" is available for purchase on the website: The DVD is $15 and that includes shipping and handling! :)

Also, if you are interested in your church, youth group or school hosting a "Measure of a Man" screening. Please contact me at: I would love to touch base with you and join together with you to get this life changing message out, to make a difference! Blessings!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

DFW "Measure of a Man" Screening!

Hey Everyone! We now have a DFW screening, if you go to the website: and click on the "find a screening" page, the information/details of the DFW screening will be on there. I would love to see you there! :)

As far as an update, I'm hoping to have my film duplicated by the end of Nov. possibly the middle of Dec. We will see how things play out! Churches are getting interested, people are stepping up to the plate, God is on the move.


Monday, October 27, 2008

Screening: Silverado 19 IMAX Theater in Tomball, TX

The screening at the theater went amazing! We had about 250-300 people attend! I just started crying during my introduction as I welcomed everyone there. I feel so overwhelmed by the Lord's faithfulness! God is opening up doors left and right and He is just blowing me away. I know for a fact that the Lord directed this and not me, since I've had no experience in film making and directing any sort of movie before, I was able to encourage others that when God gives you a mission, He will equip you to do it! That His power will be at work in us and through us and He will be the One to complete what He starts. Glory be to God!

I am so thankful for my amazing, incredible Producer who the Lord so graciously provided! There is no way I could have done it without her support, hard work, ideas, thoughts, prayers...etc. Saphrin you are wonderful! :)

Here are some of the photos:

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Website and Movie is DONE!!!!!

Hey All! The website is finished and is now up:

The movie is done too! :) PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Movie Making Mode

Hey Everyone,

Here's the update:

1.) The rough cut is done. It looks amazing. We still are needing to put several more photos in and include my narration footage. I will be getting my narration recorded next Tues.! Please be praying that all goes well. That the Holy Spirit would just downpour on me and that the Lord's words would be placed in my mouth. I'm a little nervous, but God is so good and faithful and He has never let me down and He never will!

2.) Music is underway! :) My lead musician overseer is, Tyler Chance. He has been working so hard on watching the rough cut and then composing/recording music to fit the tone and feel of the documentary. The song my sister wrote about the measure of a man will be recorded soon.

3.) I will be meeting with the Chaplain of Northland Christian School on Oct. 17th watch the documentary before the theater screening on Oct. 25th in Tomball, TX. We hope to discuss more of the details of what will take place that night. I'm sooo excited! :)

4.) New website is currently being worked on. I will be sure to post a link when it is viewable!

And please, please be covering this project in your prayers! FOR GOD TO JUST USE THIS TO TOUCH LIVES FOR HIS KINGDOM!!!!!! This is for His glory alone!


Friday, August 29, 2008


Hey Everyone! I arrived in WI on Tuesday morning and I will be here until Monday night. Nathan and I have been brain storming, talking, I've been watching tons of our stock footage and gathering the correct time codes, he's been uploading, logging and organizing it all so we can start cutting and pasting today. I'm so excited! I do need your prayers though! This is a big project and all of this is new to me and that's what so amazing about it but yet at the same time, I get overwhelmed and frustrated. But God has been so faithful to walk me through this whole process by placing people in my path to help me along the way. It's so new, hard but yet so good.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Heading to WI

Hey! I have good news! The rough cut of the paper edit is done! :) There are just a few added touches and tweaks that need to be made. I'm so excited. I'm flying up to WI on the 26th to work with Nathan Webster with editing the film and I will be flying back home on the 1st of Sept. The next step after the editing of the rough cut has been completed will be getting the narration recorded and the music. Please be praying that the Lord will direct us in completing those endeavors!

Many Blessings,

Friday, July 11, 2008

Movie Update

Hey Everyone! Just a quick update! Saphrin sent all the footage to our main editor, Nathan Webster! We've started the editing process! Praise the Lord!!!!


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Post Production Update 6/21

Okay everyone, here's the scoop!

1.) Saphrin and I have been working so hard on sorting through footage. Transcribing the lines that truly pop out, words that will beautifully connect to the topic, the vision of this documentary! We have discussed storyboards, talked and talked, Starbucks braining storming gatherings. We've been praying and seeking the Lord for wisdom in every decision. This is the Lord's project and He definitely is not going to allow us to get any glory from this. He is constantly humbling us and reminding us that we need to FULLY rely on Him to get this done! He is the one who will be able to complete what He has started! I just smile when I think of the Lord and His amazing mighty hand. That in one moment He does a thousand other things!

2.) Saphrin talked to Dallas Jenkins for 45 minutes the other day and discussed with him our storyboard, plans and desires for this documentary. He was thrilled and so excited for us! He gave us a few tips and definitely can't wait to see it when it gets done. He told us that he wasn't just flattering us to flatter us but that he really thinks God has given us something special.

3.) Mark Cubin has been keeping in touch with Saphrin as well. He is still asking us about the process of our film project, where we are and how it's going. He definitely is wanting to connect with my team. I'm so excited about this amazing opportunity. Who knows what the Lord has in store! :)

4.) We are planning to send all our tapes to our main editor, Nathan Webster, in a couple of weeks! Things have been so crazy, sometimes stressful, but overall I have been reminding myself to lean fully on the Lord for strength, ideas and guidance. He is so precious to His children when we choose to cry out to Him.

5.) Chase, Alan, Saphrin, My Dad (Craig) and I went and shot a couple more interviews at a small coffee shop in Dallas today. We captured responses of what Alan and Chase first thought when they met Nick in person, how he has impacted their lives and what they admire most about him. It was a special time on the street, getting footage together to spice up the documentary and just be able to connect again as a team.

Here are some photos:


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Footage Day

Today, Saphrin and I will be sorting through 12 hours of footage. Transcribing, logging, and mapping out the flow of the documentary. Please be praying that God will grant us wisdom on the precise clips that need to be in this film. Our goal is to have another all day footage viewing on Saturday. All footage will be viewed before I head back to Cali on the 23rd.

In Christ,

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Hey Everyone! We are still alive and this project is still moving! :)

1.) This Thursday, I will be interviewing two more people regarding the topic, "the measure of a man." I will allow the two men to share their hearts relating to this very important topic that has affected my generation significantly. I'm so excited about it!

2.) Today, Saphrin and I did a lot of work on our new website that will be ready by next month. It will have information on our nationwide screening, trailers, clips, crew bios, information about this documentary, contact info...etc. We have hired an amazing web designer who will get the job done and give it his best! :) We feel so blessed! Also, Saphrin and I went from place to place trying to find someone who could put our footage on DVD's so that we can start transcribing. Well, because of the format that Chase shot in, several major post production company's were not able to read the footage at all. Thus, we asked Chase again if he could do it and he said yes! :) PRAISE THE LORD! The Lord provides!

3.) Mark Cubin e-mailed my producer recently and was asking how the project was going! Saphrin and I are so excited about this amazing opportunity! We'll keep you updated on further developments!

Keep praying!!!


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Prayer Requests

Hello Everyone! WE ARE IN NEED OF PRAYER!!!

1.) For Chase and Brian's schedule to open up so we can get our BTS and three other interviews done as soon as possible.
2.) For God to multiply our time! With the editing phase kicking in, we are in need of the Lord's strength to carry us through this season of post production.
3.) For God to provide side editors to help our main editor, Nathan Webster.
4.) For God's favor! I truly believe this documentary is going to touch many lives for the Lord's Kingdom!


Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Dear Friends! I’m so sorry for not posting like I wanted to... It was sooo crazy! Okay, so here is the long update!
Monday: My crew and I got up early and ate a McDonald’s breakfast in the hotel room, had our morning devotions and just prayed that the Lord would have His way and that He would get the glory through this project. Then we all headed to Nick’s house. It was so exciting to see him again! Alan, Brian and Jacob got to meet Nick for the very first time. Some of us followed Nick to his office to get footage of him at work in his work surroundings. We had a full day of shooting interviews relating to the Life Without Limbs ministry, his testimony and to who he is as a person. We had an amazing time just hanging out with Nick, eating pizza with him and enjoyed talking and catching up on what’s been going on in our lives. Alan did such a great job interviewing Nick and Nick did an excellent job opening up to Alan, we captured a lot of good stuff! The Lord was definitely directing Chase and Brian’s (my cinematographers) hands and Kay’s (my photographer) hands as they persistently concentrated on each shot and interview section. They were on the go constantly! With having everyone doing what needed to be done. That gave me the opportunity to sit and listen and to make sure that all the particulars questions and certain discussions were unfolding. With this being my first time to direct a documentary, it was hard a times, but I learned so much. I was feel so blessed with a team that backed me up and was there to help me with anything. It’s going to be great working with them on the post production part.
Later, that evening, the team and I headed out to go grab some dinner at a small Mexican restaurant to chill until it was time to head to Nick’s house to spend some fun time with him. When we got to Nick’s house, and got out of our two PT Cruiser’s, we could hear loud music playing. We walked inside and there was Nick playing all his favorite songs on his computer’s play list. He had a stereo that had surround sound which made us sing out hearts out, we laughed a lot watching Nick lip-syncing to Josh Groban songs, Michael Buble and to some older tunes.. I just sat in his house, in awe, that God truly was putting this whole thing together. We talked about doing the work of the Lord, living out the mission that He has specifically assigned us to, running the race, not giving up and being persistent in our daily walk with Him. Our sharing time was so rich and beneficial. We were going to watch a movie, but decided not to…all of us were so happy we didn’t. It was an amazing evening!

Okay, so we drove back to the hotel, relaxed, and then went to bed. :) We knew we had a full day ahead of us!
Tuesday: LOL! All of us had a difficult time climbing out of our comfy beds. But, eventually we made it to Nick’s house and cooked a yummy breakfast for him. We made pancakes and cooked up some sausage, had toppings that consisted of butter/syrup melted together, whip cream, strawberries and blackberries. We ate outside on his patio and enjoyed the fresh air. After breakfast, we got some footage of us hanging out with Nick on the couch and got some group snapshots on Nick’s favorite red chair. Every moment spent there was so memorable!
Nick had a lunch meeting and so we all took our time to get prepared for the “measure of a man,” interview that we were going to be doing later on, got some rest, went location scouting, picked up lunch and then headed to the park to meet up with Nick and Kyle (one of Nick’s caregivers). The interview went really, really well! I was encouraged by everything Alan and Nick addressed and was touched by the way they presented the questions, answers and how they interacted with each other.

Afterwards, we headed to a local golf course and got to see Nick putt! It was amazing! I got to golf some as well…but really…I stink at golf! :P Our next stop was Nick’s Uncle Batta’s house, which was actually located by Paramount mountain (the real Paramount mountain). Chase and Brian exclaimed, “Guys, this is like a filmmaker’s holy ground!” We all cracked up! Oh wow, with being Texans, we were all enthralled by the gorgeous scenery of the mountains! Chase and Brian were able to get footage of Nick swimming and him doing his back flip. I was the only brave girl who decided to be adventurous and take a swim as well! Later on, Uncle Batta came out and started sharing some advice that we all were so appreciative about. He is so wise and has such a beautiful heart for the Lord. For me personally, what he said was what I needed to hear, it truly reinforced what I have been trying to walk out. God is so good about bringing certain people to say specific things that His sons and daughters need to hear.

Then it was time to say goodbye. It was definitely hard for me, I cried later on. Just thinking how fast the trip went and how awesome our Lord truly is! His hand is so mighty! His ways are so above our ways and thoughts so above our thoughts! He is good!
We all hugged and took photos, grabbed a bite to eat with Kyle at a California Pizza Kitchen, headed back to the hotel to regroup, pack up and then crash for the night.

Right now, I’m on the plane, heading back home. I’m tired of course, but I feel so energized to put my all in every area of this project. I believe that the Lord is going to use this film to touch my generation, and Lord willing, others. To bring revelation to the men in our time, to be the mighty men that the Lord is calling them to be. The measure of a man, is not how tall you stand, how wealthy or how intelligent you are, because I’ve found the measure of a man, and it’s what inside the heart that counts. (Taken from the song by 4Him, “Measure of a Man.”)

Now: Right now, the plans are for me and my producer, Saphrin, to meet twice a week to log and look through all the footage that we have shot and then forward it all to our main editor, Nathan Webster. Saphrin and I have also talked about possibly traveling to some of the film festivals around the US to help promote and connect with other filmmakers who would be willing to help with the marketing aspect. We have a lot of work cut out for us. But, we are sooooo excited and thrilled that we are apart of this project, to be able to assist in the advancement of His Kingdom through the arena of media. I still find it mind boggling that I’m directing this documentary. I guess it’s because filming is not my cup of tea, or my greatest passion. I’m truly doing this because of passion behind the content of this film, the calling I felt from the Lord to do this and because of the vision and mission of Nick’s ministry. It’s the Lord directing and orchestrating this documentary! I truly would not be able to do this without Christ and my amazing crew! Thank you Saphrin! You are the best producer ever!!! :) Thank you Chase, Brian, Alan, Mom, Kay and Jacob! You are all incredible!!! :) I’m looking forward to working side by side with ya’ll in the months that follow.

Nick, thank you so much for giving us those two days! It was such a tremendous blessing and all of us enjoyed every minute of it! Thank you so much for your hospitality. You truly made all of us feel at home! Also, Monday night was so much fun, and yes, I’m glad we didn’t do a movie too! We’ll be praying for you and your ministry!
Alrighty friends, I’ll close for now, but I will keep posting weekly, keeping each of you informed on the process of this production adventure. Thank you so much for your prayers and e-mails of encouragement! Keep up the praying!
Because He Lives,

Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday: CA Update Morning

Hello Dear Friends!!! :) Right now, I'm posting from Nick's house! We got here safe and sound and got some footage of Nick doing his morning duties and now he is at a meeting at his Life Without Limbs office. The crew and I are heading out to eat and this afternoon will be full of interviews with Nick at his house and possibly at a park. I'll post more later.


Sunday: CA Update

Hello Again! :)

Okay, so this morning we got up early and Saphrin and I headed to Wal-Mart to get juice and ran by McDonald’s to get some breakfast foods for everyone. After we ate, all of us came together for a devotional time, each of us prayed for the person on our right and spent the morning in thinking and sharing. Then we packed up and headed to Hollywood to get some interviews for the documentary.

As far as the interviews, Saphrin and Alan were able to get around eight people total to talk to in relation to the, “measure of a man,” “roles of man,” and what “true success is in a person’s life.” We were able to capture a lot of footage and enjoyed every minute of being able to ask people what their own personal thoughts were. It was very hard at first with the responses we received, but as time went on, people started getting interested with the project and were more open to being interviewed by Saphrin and Alan.

We were out on the Sunset strip, all afternoon, and afterwards we packed up and went in search of a place to eat. We found a pizza and pasta place that had amazing food! We were all very grateful to sit, laugh and relax after a long afternoon of worrying about our very expensive equipment and having to move our cars every hour so that we wouldn’t have our cars towed.

Then we headed out to find a beach! That’s when things got interesting… LOL! We got extremely lost, confused, worried and had to do SO MANY u-turns that it became a riot! We laughed so hard and just decided to roll down the windows, turn up the music and just sing our little hearts out! Finally, after an hour and fifteen minutes of driving randomly, we eventually made it to our desired destination! It was a beautiful beach, quite dark outside but still it was worth it to put our feet in the icy water and run aimlessly.

Now, we are back at the hotel, we are all pretty wiped but very excited about our plans for tomorrow! We have to be at Nick’s house around 7:30am and shoot until dinner. We have a full day ahead of us packed with questions, places to go, people to meet. Nick has a meeting around 9am at his Life Without Limbs office and Tuesday will come before we know it.

This trip has been so God ordained and so exciting for me to see everything falling into place. I just still can’t believe it’s all happening! Prayer has been our strength that has been carrying us through. Please continue to pray for us. Cover this project in prayer from the safety of us traveling, to God’s favor resting upon this documentary, from the words that are spoken to who sees this film in the future. We want every aspect of this project to be glorifying to the Lord!

I’m going to close for now, blessings all,

Sunday, May 4, 2008

CA: Saturday Update

Hello dear friends!
This morning brought us to an early start. Rather, a late one as we never went to sleep! So much too do and so much to talk about. J But the Lord has carried us through these two sleepless days!

We actually got through security filming our crew without the faxes we needed, without the equipment we needed. It was crazy getting all the bags and things together but we had a blast at the same time, just thinking of finally getting to CA after all this waiting. The plane ride went well. Some got to catch a few winks and some didn’t. When we arrived at LAX Airport, we headed to the car rental place and I got to drive a silver PT Cruiser and my Mom got to drive a cream one! All of us crammed our luggage in the two vehicles and headed out to find a place to eat. We found a Chipotle, talked and then skedaddled to our hotel. Come to find out the rooms we had reserved wasn’t reserved because of us doing it over the internet. It was kind of frustrating but eventually things paned out and we were able to get two rooms with each having a king bed and a roll away bed.

This afternoon, we all gathered around and had devotions, prayed for each other and opened up to the things that had been stirring on our hearts and minds. Afterwards, we relaxed at the pool and just allowed ourselves to catch up on rest. We chatted and then headed out to meet a friend of Kayleen’s for dinner at a place called, Islands. On our way back to the hotel we laughed a lot and shared funny stories!

Some of us chose to exercise a little (Saphrin and I and Chase came later on) to get the wiggles out. Now, here I am typing up the happenings of the day and just so overjoyed with how everything is falling into place. As I’m typing, I’m surrounded by my dear friends here in the lobby, this is the only place where we have internet access…they are talking about our plans for tomorrow and what we are wanting to accomplish as far as shooting. My Mom’s asleep, she is so tired! But, she’s been absolutely an amazing Crew Mom! There for us to pray, to encourage and to hug!
Okay, so now I’m going to close because my eyes are about to close.